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Tower Performance, Inc.'s CDX-80 and CDX150 cellular drift eliminators provide ultra-low drift loss. They are designed to nest or interlock with the module next to them. They utilize a series of sinusoidal-shaped corrugations bonded to mating sinusoidal structural waves to form closed cells that force the leaving airstream to make three distinct changes in direction, ensuring high drift removal efficiency. The CDX-80 and CDX-150 drift eliminators are UV protected.

Tower Performance, Inc.'s D-15 cellular drift eliminator's combines very high drift elimination with very low air pressure drop yielding an extremely efficient drift eliminator panel. They are made from wave formed, UV protected PVC sheets, flute formed for uniform thickness. They are available in 10 or 15 mil thick sheet models.

Tower Performance, Inc.'s blade drift eliminators, are in various densities and configurations to meet specific tower applications. It utilizes a series of sinusoidal-shaped blades assembled into modules using an end cap design. This type design allows for very low pressure drop losses while still maintaining excellent drift removal capabilities. The blade drift eliminators are UV protected.

Tower Performance, Inc.'s Drift Eliminators - C.E. Shepherd Company, Inc.

CE Shepherd & Co.

Tower Performance, Inc.'s The Drift Reduction Unit is a high quality polyvinylchloride flat and corrugated sheets manufactured to customer specifications.

Physical Specifications, DRU 1.5

Tower Performance, Inc.'s Drift Eliminators - Tower Components, Inc.

Tower Components, Inc.

Tower Performance, Inc.'s The Opti-cell drift eliminator is manufactured from a rigid PVC sheet with U.V. inhibitors, and meets the requirements of CTI STD-136(88). Standard module sizes are 12" wide, 5-1/2" high and lengths up to 10'-0". Lengths are fabricated in 24" increments. Special lengths are available upon request.

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