Tower Performance, Inc.'s Composite Couplings - Addax

Compostite Couplings manufactured by Addax feature: Tower Performance, Inc.'s Composite Couplings, manufactured by Addax, are designed to standards developed for the aerospace industry. The use of advanced composite materials allow Tower Performance, Inc.'s coupling systems to feature:

HIGH MISALIGNMENT TOLERANCE of one degree per end can be tolerated without damage to the drive shaft or connected equipment bearings. The patented flexible elements are made from high strength carbon fiber/epoxy materials.

NO FRETTING CORROSION due to the use of patented, unitized, carbon fiber flexible elements. The flexible elements are designed for a theoretical infinite fatigue life at rated torque and are extremely corrosion resistant.

EXTENDED SINGLE SPANS WITHOUT INTERMEDIATE BEARINGS can be accommodated which eliminates the need for periodic lubrication and bearing replacement. Composite couplings will span about twice the distance of a metal coupling while eliminating the need for intermediate bearings and multiple section drive shafts.

LOW WEIGHT reduces vibration and bearing loads on connected equipment resulting in increased life and a further reduction in maintenance costs. Coupling systems are optimized to be the best in the industry.

CORROSION RESISTANCE is a natural attribute. Coupling systems are manufactured from advanced composite materials that are extremely corrosion resistant. Metal components are selected to withstand a variety of harsh environments. 316 stainless steel hubs and hardware are standard construction.
Tower Performance, Inc.'s Composite Couplings - Amarillo Gear Company

Tower Performance, Inc.'s Composite Couplings, manufactured by Amarillo Gear Company feature:

Comparison with Other Composite Drive Shafts

Comparison with Other Steel Drive Shafts

Tower Performance, Inc.'s FormFlex Flexible Disc Couplings - T.B. Woods

FormFlex Disc Couplings manufactured by T.B. Woods feature:

Tower Performance, Inc.'s Formflex Flexible Disc Couplings, manufactured by T.B. Woods, are designed specifically for cooling fan drive applications. The coupling transmits torque while compensating for angular, parallel and axial misalignment between two connected shafts. Flexible disc couplings minimize the misalignment forces on the connected equipment. The basic flex coupling consists of two hubs, a spacer and two flexible discs. The flex disc is an assembly of thin metal laminations. The Formflex four bolt metal disc couplings offer more misalignment capacity than any competing metal disc design. It is a unique design that provides torsional rigidity with minimal backlash. They withstand a wide range of temperatures and are easily adapted to cooling tower applications. Steel and composite spacer tubes are available for smaller cooling towers with up to about 100" spanning distance. The TrueTube composite torque tubes are lighter than steel and eliminate thermal growth and vibration problems. Formflex composite floating shaft couplings are recommended as a replacement for older multi-section drivelines. Composite couplings can span up to 240" without high maintenance center support bearings.
Tower Performance, Inc.'s Composite Couplings - Rexnord Thomas

Flexible Couplings manufactured by Rexnord Thomas feature: Tower Performance, Inc.'s Flexible Disc Couplings, manufactured by Rexnord Thomas, are designed designed in accordance with the Cooling Technology Institute (CTI) standards and specifications. The Thomas flexible disc couplings are constructed of zinc plated steel or all stainless steel material. The disc cooupling was invented more than 80 years ago. The SN and SF couplings are furnished with stainless steel disc packes.

The type SN Couplins use a steel tubular center shaft. Connected shafts should be rigidly supported and long shaft overhangs should be avoided. The tubular coupling shaft MUST NOT be supported with a bearing.

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