Tower Performance, Inc.'s Fan Assemblies - Hudson

Fan assemblies, manufactured by Hudson Products, feature:
Efficiency Tuf-Lite and Tuf-Lite II blades both use the airfoil section that has made Hudson fans renowned for high efficiency and low noise. By varying the chord width and the angle of attack along the length of the blade, these fans yield significantly higher performance than constant-chord-width fans. Increased efficiency provides higher static pressure and air flow capability, and minimizes horsepower requirements. The center air seal that is included on every fan assembly also boosts efficiency. The fan assemblies are manufactured to precise tolerances. The installation of these precision assemblies allows minimum tip clearances, further improving fan efficiency.

Safety Light weight, high-strength hollow fiberglass construction provides high energy absorption qualities. These unique characteristics reduce handling problems and ensure increased safety for operating personnel and surrounding equipment.

Lightweight but Tough Fiberglass composite construction of all Tuf-Lite fans provides the advantages of light weight and great fatigue resistance.

Erosion Resistance The leading edge of Tuf-Lite II fans is constructed with a space-age ceramic material. This patented, built-in Tuf- Edge surface prevents erosion caused by the impingement of water droplets and dirt.

Chemical Resistance Formulated toughened resins used for Tuf-Lite blades resist corrosion better than polyester or aluminum materials.

Balance All fan blades are moment balanced to a master standard, so any single blade can be replaced by a blade of like size and type. Matched sets are not required. Small fan hubs are dynamically balanced, while large hubs are statically balanced for smooth, vibration-free operation.

Ultra-Violet Resistance All Tuf-Lite II blades are protected by a tough, high solids polyurethane coating that can resist years of sunlight without harmful effects.

Fan Hubs Quality and Strength to Match Tuf-Lite Blades. Can be manufactured to fit cooling tower manufactures gear reducers.

Simple, Durable fan hubs are simple in construction and incorporate durable materials for long life. Designed to accommodate either straight or tapered shafts, hubs are constructed of galvanized steel, ductile or cast iron, and corrosion resistant aluminum. Fasteners are made of galvanized steel, stainless steel, or monel. All hubs have tapered bushings with a built-in feature to positively locate the hub on the shaft. Fans smaller than 16 feet in diameter are available with 4 to 8 blades. Larger fans are available with many combinations of blade counts to optimize each air-moving application.
Tower Performance, Inc.'s Fan Assemblies - Amarillo Chittom PowerFlo

Fan assemblies, manufactured by Amarillo Chittom Airflo, are revolutionary and innovative fans designed to maximize performance and cost effectiveness. PowerFlo™ incorporates a twisted and tapered airfoil with light weight aluminum construction. If reliability, uniform air flow, low noise, high air flows and high static pressures are needed, then PowerFlo™ is the right product. With Amarillo Chittom short lead times and quick deliveries are the norm. Of course, emergency shipments are available.

Product Features:
Materials Specification:

Tower Performance, Inc.'s Fan Assemblies - Moore

Fan assemblies, manufactured by The Moore Fan Company, feature:

Tower Performance, Inc.'s high efficiency axial flow, Standard Class 5000 fans, manufactured by The Moore Fan Company, are specifically designed for heat exchanger and cooling tower service and other efficiency-critical applications. They may be specified as original equipment or for replacement of existing, obsolete or inefficient fans. Class 5000 fans are available in eight hub sizes (series) in fan diameters from 3 ft. (914 mm) to 24 ft. (7315 mm) of all aluminum construction.

Class 5000 fans have individually balanced blades making them freely interchangeable between fans of the same series and diameter. Because the blades are individually balanced to a standard moment, the exact number of blades may be selected to provide the correct blade surface for the required performance, avoiding the inefficiency and additional cost of excess number of blades.

Tower Performance, Inc.'s Fan Assemblies - Cofimco

Fan assemblies, manufactured by Cofimco, feature:

Tower Performance, Inc.'s G series fan blades can be made of either aluminum or FRP. The airfoil shape of the blades permit the air to move smoothly and efficiently over the blades and through the fan contributing to the high performance of the fan. The patented flap at the trailing edge of the profile also increases the airflow and overall performance of the blade.

Extruded Aluminum Blade Pultruded FRP

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