Tower Performance, Inc.'s Lumber and Hardware

Tower Performance, Inc. has many sources for lumber, both fabricated and unfabricated, located throughout the United States to provide the best lumber at the lowest prices, in a timely manner. Our lumber is treated and custom fabricated or sold for field fabrication. The Cooling Technology Institute grades are available in all sizes, in Douglas fir and Redwood. Plain face and Tongue and Groove plywood is also available.

All lumber is scientifically tested to ensure conformance with the Cooling Technology Institute's specification STD-112.

The lumber facilities have technically advanced, efficient machines for custom fabrication jobs to ensure accurate and timely completion of lumber fabrication orders.

Tower Performance, Inc. can provide all of the hardware needed for a cooling tower.

We offer a variety of fasteners in 304 and 316 stainless steel. silicon bronze, hot dipped galvanized or monel.

Please Contact
Jalene Fritz
(800) 314-1695
Fax: (970) 278-4034

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