Tower Performance, Inc.'s Water Distribution System Nozzles

Tower Performance, Inc. has many styles of downspray waterdistribution system nozzles available for us in either counterflow or crossflow cooling towers. A few examples are shown below.

Tower Performance, Inc.s nozzle for counterflow cooling towers is manufactured by Fisher Plastics, Inc. The nozzle is polypropylene conforming to CTI Standard 101, with a U.V. inhibitor. Replaces nozzles in Thermal Dynamic, GEA and Psychrometric Systems cooling towers. It also replaces the old Ecodyne MP Counterflow Nozzle. The downspray nozzles are made from polypropylene with an ultraviolet stabilizer. It has a 1-1/2" NPT thread and the diameter across the splash plate is 3-5/8. The nozzle is light weight and the various opening sizes (3/4" through 1-1/2") are color coded by size for easy identification.

The SFF Counterflow Nozzle.

The counterflow nozzle manufactured by C.E. Shepherd Company.

The crown crossflow tower nozzle manufactured by C.E. Shepherd Company eliminates the vortex spiral of water and creates the same consistent uniform diffusion pattern at any height of water head.

The dek-Spray nozzle assembly, for counterflow towers, is manufactured by Brentwood Industries.

The target crossflow tower nozzle, manufactured by C.E. Shepherd, provides better water distribution at various head and flow rates, last long and fit standard 1-5/8" hot water deck holes.

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