Tower Performance, Inc.'s Valves

Tower Performance, Inc.'s Bottom Dump flow control valves are manufactured by Polymer Fabrication. The valves are available in 18" through 60".

Tower Performance, Inc.'s cast iron valves for BAC Pritchard towers. The 20" cast iron valve is a direct, drop-in replacement for the Marley 20" valve.

Tower Performance, Inc.'s butterfly valves, manufactured by Bray Valve and Controls have long service life, greater reliability, ease of parts replacment and interchangeability of componets. The Series 30 valve is a wafer version with flange locating holes and the Series 31 is the companion lug version for dead-end service and other flange bolting requirements.

A major design advantage of the Bray butterfly valve is the international compatibility. The same valve is compatible with most world standard flanges - ANSI 125/50, BS 10D&E, DIN 10 and JIS 10. In addition, the valve is designed to be abel to comply with ISO 5752 and ISO 5211.

The standard product offers valve bodies with an epoxy coating, providing excellent corrosion and wear resistance to the valve's surface, the weakest port of most metal componets. The epoxy coating is a hrd, high gloss red finish. The epoxy coating offers resistance to a broad range of chemicals including: dilute aqueous acids and alkalies, salts, salt spray, petroleum solvents, alcohols, greases and oils. It also offers outstanding resistance to humidity and water. The valves are outdoor tested resistant to UV radiation. The valves are designed to resist abrasion and withstand impact without chipping or cracking.

Disc and Stem Connection
The disc and stem connection features a high-strength through stem design. The close tolerance, double "D" connection that drives the valve disc is an exclusive feature that eliminates stem retention components being exposed to the line media, such as disc screws and taper pins, which commonly result in leak paths, corrosion and vibration failures. The disassembly of the valve stem is a simple matter of pulling the stem out of the disc. Without the fasteners obstructing the line flow, turbulence is reduced and pressure recovery is increased.

The disc is cast, spherically machined, and hand polished to provide bubble-tight shut off, minimum torque and longer seat life. The disc O.D. clearance is designed to work with all standard piping.

"Spirolox" Retaining Ring
The stem is retained in the body by means of a unique stainless steel "Spirolox" retaining ring. With a standard hand tool, the retaining ring may be removed for easy disassembly. The ring also prevents unintentional removal of the stem during field service.

Stem Retainng C-Rings
The retaining rings are manufactured from bronze.

Stem Bushing
The stem bushing is non-corrosive, heavy duty acetal which absorbs actuator side thrusts.

Stem Seal
The stem seal is a double "U" cup seal design which is self-adjusting and gives positive sealing in both directions. This prevents external substances from entering the stem bore.

The extended neck length allows for 2" of piping insulation and is easily accessible for mounting actuators.

Primary and Secondary Seals
The primary seal is achieved by an interference fit of the uniquely molded seat flat with the disc hub. The secondary seal is an interference fit because the stem diameter is greater than the seat's stem hole diameter. These seals prevent line media from coming in contact with the stem or body.

Unique Seat Design
One of the valve's key elements is the unique "tonge-and-groove" seat design. This resilient seat features lower torque than many valves on the market and provides complete isolation of the flowing media from the body by a totaly encasing design. The tongue-and-groove seat to body retention method is superior to many traditional designs, making the field replacemnt simple and fast. The seat is designed to seal with slip-on or weld-neck flanges. The seat features a molded o-ring which eliminates the requirement of the flange gaskets.

Actuator Mounting Flanges & Stem Connection
The flanges and stem connections are designed to ISO 5211 for direct mounting of power and manual operators.

Flange Locating Holes
The locating holes provide quick and proper alignment during installation.

The body is a one piece wafer or lug style. The epoxy coating provides for excellent corrosion resistance. All bodies meet ANSI 150 pressure rating for hydrostatic requirements.

Tower Performance, Inc.'s fiberglass flow control valves for crossflow towers are manufactured by the Mur-Tek Company.

The benefits of the fiberglass crossflow control valve are:

Tower Performance, Inc.'s fiberglass flow control valve manufactured by the Midwest Towers, Inc.

Tower Performance, Inc.'s flow control valve, manufactured by Midwest Towers, Inc., is designed to meet or exceed OEM specifications. It is a direct, drop-in replacement for all crossflow cooling tower applications and does not require modifications to the existing system.

Important features of the flow control valve are:

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