About Tower Performance, Inc.


Corporate headquarters for Tower Performance is in Florham Park, New Jersey. With additional offices in Texas, Louisiana and Pennsylvania. Tower Performance can quickly respond to your cooling tower needs anywhere in the country. For over 30 years, Tower Performance has been involved in every phase of cooling tower construction from repair and upgrade to new cooling towers. We specialize in designing new cooling towers which are highly energy efficient. We also specialize in thermal performance upgrades, evaluations, and physical inspections. Our clients include major chemical companies, oil and gas refineries, utilities, air separation companies and industrial plants. Much of our work involves special applications such as high and low ph waters, high water temperatures, low wet bulb temperatures and severe winter operating conditions.

Tower Performance Inc.

Typical Facilities/Installations

Since our founding in 1964, Tower Performance has repaired, upgraded and constructed new cooling towers for many types of facilities and installations including:
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