Tower Performance, Inc. is known throughout the industry for quality workmanship on existing cooling towers in the US, Canada and Mexico. We can upgrade the cooling capacity of existing cooling towers to provide colder water. The increased efficiency yields fast payback. Our services include: repair, replacement (parts or entire tower), emergency repairs, scheduled maintenance and inspection evaluation.

Thermal Upgrades:

Repairs & Renovations:

  • Increased efficiency, i.e. colder water.
  • Eliminate one or more cells.
  • Use state-of-the-art components.
  • Incorporate the latest energy conservation designs.
  • Conversion of crossflow to counterflow.
  • All manufacturers and models.
  • Counterflow, crossflow, induced draft, forced draft, hyperbolic and HVAC cooling towers.
  • Replacement parts (OEM discounts).
  • Emergency response - TPI recognizes that downtime is lost money.
  • Internal/external components.
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